Project: "Mortgages BVAL algorithms & interfaces", 2010-2011

Client: Bloomberg (NY, US)

  • Delivering the most favorable technical solution to a customer's needs and expectations following business requirements, enterprise IT standards and policies, and best practices: cross environment data synchronization solution, Quarantine Central application etc.
  • Contributing in design, development and enhancement of Bloomberg pricing evaluation applications and components for mortgage-backed securities; that includes front screens, stand-alone offline applications, services, databases and shell scripts

Project: "Fiscal Planning Services, CRM system support", 2010-2011

Client: Microsoft Canada (Mississauga, Canada)

  • Developing SSIS packages for data pulls from multiple systems to consolidate the data on a single checkpoint SQL server for audits and reporting
  • Contributing in development and administration of SharePoint site: lists creation, setting permissions, etc
  • Participating in UATs for QFE and systems releases: analyzed requested changes, requirements and fixes using available sources: FSD, VSTF, etc.; created test scripts for UI and backend in order to test the implemented changes; tested; participated in triage calls with development teams to escalate and track bugs and issues
  • Evaluating functional specifications of corporate tools in order to implement predefined business rules; escalated to the development team tools limitation and enhancement requirements
  • Analyzing and raising data synchronization / quality issues to the data operations teams

Project: "CFC Staff Enterprise Solution", 2009-2010

Client: Government of Canada, Department of National Defence, CFC (Toronto, Canada)

  • Developing a desktop application for data entry and custom reporting used by the CFC staff
  • Creating adaptive Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Designing and implementing dynamic PDF fillable forms and exporting of data snapshots into CSV files
  • Implementing e-mail distribution and data archiving systems
  • Improving existing web-based client requests registration system
  • Providing Graphical User Interface and Software Design Specifications as well as User Guide
  • Creating functional system design specification within the CFC operational environment

Project: "Dain Rauscher", 2007-2008

Client: RBC Investments (Toronto, Canada)

  • Studying and analyzing detail business requirements to evaluate and recommend optimal solution for existing technology architecture
  • Performing full review and analysis of existing Client Source Dain Rauscher web application
  • Preparing system enhancements report based on the application analysis
  • Re-designing system architecture and integrating new improvements into the existing infrastructure
  • Integrating account opening process with adding new products functions and porting information to Broadridge and Thomson Financial
  • Developing consolidated views of user accounts including information on Money Market Funds and Capital Market Securities management
  • Accomplishing optimization and performance tuning of the web-distributed multi-tier application
  • Providing expertise and counsel ensuring that technology teams and business units understand the architectural structure and selected technology is capable to support business initiatives

Project: "Consolidation Proposal", 2006

Client: RBC Information Security (Toronto, Canada)

  • Designing a technical proposal to consolidate the web information security / identity management system (authentication, authorization, registration, single sign-on infrastructures, etc) for different financial online applications, such as RBC Express and Capital Market
  • Participating in setup, deployment and troubleshooting of existing information security system: the products are highly secured distributed web applications with high availability, load balancing and clustering support
  • Optimizing and updating installation instructions for the web application Registration System
  • Building consensus and alignment between enterprise-wide technological direction and business specific initiatives and requirements